ADHD Underdiagnosed During My Pharmaceutical Sales Career

#adhd #drugs #pharmaceutical —  I had a short stint dealing with the ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) field during my pharmaceutical sales career.  It was interesting learning about this field as I was involved as a product marketing manager for new ADHD treatment.

When I was presenting my speech as the guest keynote motivational speaker out of town the other week, one of the audience members revealed that she has ADHD during the question period and how she bounces from one thought to another in her head.  I then told her and the audience that during my years in my pharmaceutical sales career, I’ve been told by ADHD experts that in many cases, this medical condition does have a genetic trait.

Quite often, the children would be diagnosed with ADHD first.  Then if the parents are looked at, we would find that one of the parents would also turn out to have symptoms of ADHD as well.  It is claimed that ADHD in adults especially is underdiagnosed and many people continue life suffering from the consequences of this disorder.

Such consequences could be disruptions in jobs as well as family and social life.  The medical experts claim that such cases should be diagnosed and treated more often.  This is a field that is definitely growing and may represent one of the future medical therapeutic areas where pharmaceutical companies may expand into.

Further expansion into this area of course may imply future opportunities in pharmaceutical sales careers for hopeful candidates interested in this professional field.  Medical professionals that deal with ADHD include family physicians, neurologists, psychiatrists and pediatricians.  People who are interested in this type of career should learn all they can first and one way is through my free 30 minute webinar.   It will give them a general understanding of the field and what is required to enter such a profession.

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