A Must Read If Seeking Pharmaceutical Sales Career

#sales #jobs #pharmaceutical — For those who are seriously seeking a pharmaceutical sales career, here’s some nice feedback that a recent reader of my book, ‘How To Get A Dream Job In Pharmaceutical Sales – Direct Inside Advice and Guidance From a Sales Manager‘ wrote. Josh Rojas of Mississippi writes;

“This book is a must for anyone looking for direct insight on how to enter into the pharmaceutical sales industry. Clint’s wide range of pharmaceutical
expertise not only gave me important industry specific knowledge, it gave me an informed outlook on pharmaceuticals as well as inspired me start my job hunting campaign. Through the use of his detailed techniques I was able to make industry contacts with local reps to learn more about pharmaceutical sales in my area.”

He discusses a bit further about one of the free bonuses that he received which was the custom pharmaceutical sales resume evaluation.

“When it was time for me to submit my resume for an analysis, I was pleased to find out that Clint personally reviewed my resume and provided me with tips that enabled me to think outside the box and zero in on what sales managers are really looking for in a candidate. If you are seeking knowledge on the pharmaceutical industry that will give you a competitive advantage, then you must you must read this book now!”

Josh first took advantage of my free 30 minute pharmaceutical sales career webinar and then decided that it was important for him to invest in my book as well as to get my feedback on his resume.  This resume evaluation is available only to my readers who order my book or audio program directly through the webinar website.

If one is willing to do without the free resume evaluation, the printed version of my book is also available at Amazon or at local bookstores which are able to order the book in.  This is another feasible option taken by many who are serious about a pharmaceutical sales career.
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