A Long Testimonial About Pharmaceutical Sales Medical Drug Rep Careers Book

Here’s the longest testimonial I have ever received about my pharmaceutical sales medical drug rep careers program. It does describe how one customer benefited from the book.

William Olah of Indiana says,

“About to receive my B.S. in biology and wanting a career in pharmaceutical sales, I really had no idea where to start. Even though I live and attended school in Indiana (home of Eli Lilly and dozens of smaller pharma and biological companies) with a Pfizer plant in my hometown, college career counselors only gave me the age-old advice on resume prep and letter writing. No results came from my registering at companies’ careers websites or attending collage job fairs.”

“While surfing, I came upon Clint Cora’s website, and his approach was so different from anything I had been told that I decided to order ‘How To Get A Dream Job In Pharmaceutical Sales.’ Its style and structure permitted me to read it in one day, and I immediately put into motion the strategies it recommends.”

“Clint’s advice on analyzing one’s past employment experiences (to find parallels to what selling pharmaceuticals is really all about) led me to realize that one of the responsibilities of my current part-time job is to influence others to recommend my employer’s services to their clients. Those ‘others’ in my current setting are the physicians with whom I would be interacting as a pharma rep. This realization allowed me to revamp my resume so as to make very relevant what I previously considered nothing more than a part-time college job.”

“The chapter on cover letters provides meaningful examples which can be tailored to anyone’s personal situation. Finally, I found the book’s specific advice on networking and how to uncover existing job openings before they are published to be squarely on the money. Within 3 days of asking a pharma rep I knew and my own physician for contact information on pharma reps whom they thought performed their jobs well, I had a list of 6 contacts. All 6 agreed to meet with me, and all 6 have provided both solid advice on how to proceed and leads within their respective companies. I feel I am on my way, and I owe it all to Clint’s ‘How To Get A Dream Job In Pharmaceutical Sales’.”

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