A Great Lesson For Medical Sales Careers

#medicalsales #pharmaceuticalsales —- During the last two pharmaceutical sales blog posts, we discussed a common case that all professionals face in their medical sales careers.  Specifically, that is meeting lots of resistance from customers like doctors when promoting newer drugs, longer acting ones in our case, that are more expensive than older versions which are not as good from a dosing point of view – see the previous two posts to get caught up if you missed them.

The lesson here is that it is possible to successfully sell customers more expensive products if the value of using them could be proven. Drug medical sales reps must find problems that physicians have with cheaper older drugs and offer their products as better solutions. Helping doctors with their treatment problems will result in sales.

I have personally been involved in the selling of a few SR (sustained release) drugs in the fields of hypertension and ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) where this type of strategy against older drugs was used.

As technology in health science increases, pharmaceutical companies will always be bringing out newer and better drugs and treatments.  Newer products will almost always come at a higher cost than older ones introduced years ago.  Anybody considering medical sales careers will always have to be ready to face the possibility of customers balking at higher prices compared to those of products that they have been using for years with their patients.  Fortunately, marketing departments of pharmaceutical companies help prepare their medical sales forces with these types of scenarios since drug price is an expected objection from the doctors as well as patients.

Convincing pharmaceutical companies to hire you is similar as you have to show them the value of your skills for their medical sales forces. You have to prove to them that you are the best solution compared to your competition. That’s what my education programs in medical sales careers including a free 30 minute webinar help you do.

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