Pharmaceutical Sales Jobs Webinar Will Not Work On Cellphones

pharmaceutical sales jobs webinar seminar computerPharmaceutical Sales Jobs Webinar Needs Computer

We’ve had a few people report to us that our free pharmaceutical sales jobs webinar was not functioning.  Upon further investigation, it was realized that these people tried to access the webinar via their cellphones.

The free pharmaceutical sales jobs webinar does not function with most mobile devices so it requires a computer to play it.   So if you choose to access our webinar to learn more about the pharmaceutical sales industry, prepare some time in front of your computer when you have a good internet connection.

There is enough detail in the webinar that it’s not something to look at casually when you are on a bus with your cellphone. Slot some quiet time instead when you can really absorb all there is to learn about how pharmaceutical sales jobs work in the industry when you have your computer.

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Weaker Communications Skills Among Millenials Bad For Pharmaceutical Sales

millenials generation y pharmaceutical sales jobs references

Communications Skills Among Millenials For Pharmaceutical Sales

In my observation of the younger generation millenials or generation Y population, I’ve noticed that they are extremely technology savy.  Young people in this age range are very comfortable with computers, cell phone applications and the internet.  However, I’ve also noticed that all this tech savy often comes at the expense of interpersonal communications skills which are extremely important for pharmaceutical sales jobs.

Although drug representatives have to use more technology these days in their day to day work now (mainly to track sales calls, drug samples and access to territory sales data), they still have to sell and promote their company’s drug products to doctors and other health professionals.  This selling and promotion is still done face to face.

Millenials in general, use more text applications, cell phone time and email for communicating than older generations.  Actual face to face interpersonal communications are used less, with the exception of time with friends of course.  Indeed, there has been a huge shift in the way younger people communicate with each other and also with other people because of technology.

As a result, many millenials have weak interpersonal communications skills.  Of course I’m generalizing since there are millenials out there who do have great communications skills but I’m just finding that this is becoming less and less common among this younger generation.  In fact, I’ve had many face to face interactions with college student leaders during my time as a college speaker whom can’t even look me in the eye during a conversation or keep up with an extended conversation without them stumbling — and these are the student leaders!  I could only imagine what the rest of the college student body is like in terms of interpersonal communications skills.

Pharmaceutical Sales Requires Strong Communications Skills

So this all may imply that among millenials, it will be harder for them to get pharmaceutical sales positions or any corporate sales job since these positions must involve strong interpersonal communications skills.  In a way, there is less competition for drug representative positions since many candidates will not make the short list because of weak communications skills.

So what I would suggest if you want to land a pharmaceutical sales job especially if you are a millenial, is to make darn sure that your interpersonal communications skills are strong.  Tech skills are nice to have but pharmaceutical companies will train sales forces what is required for the job in terms of technology.  But any candidates they hire must already have excellent communications skills.

Make sure that your resume reflects past history of activities whether in past work experience or volunteer postings that you have shown strong interpersonal communications skills whether you have had actual sales experience or not.  In fact, it is even more crucial to show communications skills successes if you have little sales experience to show for in your resume.

For much more information on how to get a drug representative position, see my free 30 minute webinar on pharmaceutical sales jobs.

And if you are ready to learn about how to get an edge over your competition for those jobs, then get started with the right resource on how to get pharmaceutical sales positions now.

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Don’t Rush Pharmaceutical Sales Rep Resumes

Pharmaceutical Sales Rep Resumes

Part of the free bonuses I include as part of my book or audio program called ‘How To Get A Dream Job In Pharmaceutical Sales‘ is a custom evaluation by yours truly of your pharmaceutical sales rep resume.  This is a great opportunity to get a critique by a former hiring sales manager in the industry.

Many aspiring drug reps who purchase my book or audio program are too eager to get me to evaluate their pharmaceutical sales rep resumes in a hurry.  They probably already have a resume drawn up for sales positions and have submitted it to companies without any success.

So as soon as they order my book or audio program, they send in their resumes to me for evaluation without even reading the book yet – believe me, I can tell when I see the state of their resumes.  Usually there would be major revision required before I think their resumes are ready to be used again.

Naturally after these revisions, these folks want me to look at their resumes again.  This is the point when I have to remind them once again, as I did before I even started looking at their resumes, that this free service is a one time event only.

Revise Your Own Pharmaceutical Sales Rep Resume First

The better approach is to read the book and/or listen to the entire audio program first.  Revise your own pharmaceutical sales rep resume based on what you learn from the chapters on resumes.

Then proceed to send your revised resume into me for evalutation.  This way, by the time your document gets to me, it will be closer to what I think will be an effective resume for pharmaceutical sales jobs.  You don’t waste your only free evaluation with me.

So if you want to take advantage of the free resume evaluation I offer when you order the book or audio program, don’t rush sending in your resume yet.  Much better to study the content of my pharmaceutical sales jobs program first and take a crack at revising your own document before sending it in.

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Two Printed Softcover Books For Price Of Ebook!

two pharmaceutical bookspharmaceutical sales books

Two Printed Softcover Books For One

For a limited time only while copies are available, you can now get the printed softcover version of ‘How To Get A Dream Job In Pharmaceutical Sales’ by Clint Cora at the SAME PRICE as the ebook verion. The same free bonuses including the custom resume evaluation by Clint will still be included.

But wait, we won’t stop there – a free copy of Clint Cora’s personal development book ‘The Life Champion In You’ to help you achieve your goals will also be added!

For more details on this great special time limited offer, see Two Books For One.

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Don’t Rush To Get Pharmaceutical Sales Resume Evaluated

Pharmaceutical Sales Resume

One of the biggest perks as a free bonus for readers of my book or audio program called “How To Get A Dream Job In Pharmaceutical Sales – Direct Inside Advice and Guidance From A Sales Manager“, is a custom pharmaceutical sales resume evaluation by yours truly, a former sales manager in the industry.  There is not many opportunities out there where one can get a sales manager to review your resume for free before you start circulating it out to potential pharma companies.

However, what I find is that many readers are so eager to get their pharmaceutical sales resumes evaluated, they very quickly send in their document as soon as they order the book or audio program.  These are obviously existing resumes they had.

The big problem with this approach is that once they send in their document to get a review, they will get a custom evaluation for one time only.  Some people want another critique after they attempt to fix up their resumes based on my comments but they still haven’t read the book yet to get a good understanding of what the concepts are.

The bonus offer is a single time one only.  That is, I only evaluate each reader’s resume once so the moment they exercise this offer, no further critiques are possible.  Therefore what I always suggest is for folks not to be in so much of a rush to send their documents in.

Study Chapters On Pharmaceutical Sales Resumes First

Instead, they should read the book or listen to the audio program and study the resume examples carefully to learn more about the best strategies.  Then try to modify their resumes based on what they learned from the book.  After one has done what they can in terms of modifications, then they can send in their pharmaceutical sales resumes to me for evaluation.

This is how they will get the most bang for the buck with a single time evaluation.  It is a great bonus but do use it wisely since you only get one chance for a free pharmaceutical sales resume evaluation.

For more information on this field, see pharmaceutical sales jobs information for a free webinar.

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Targeting By Age Group Part Of Pharmaceutical Job

pharma companies pharmaceutical job targeting by age

Pharmaceutical Job

When I worked for various pharma companies in the capacity of sales and marketing, many of the products we were involved in could be marketed with effective targeting by age group.  For example, the antihypertensive agents or high blood pressure drugs we promoted were usually targeted to doctors who specialize in cardiology, nephrology and geriatrics because these physicians see a lot of patients with hypertension.

We also focused on family physicians who see a large share of older age group patients.  In contrast, physicians who work mainly in walk in clinics and pediatric clinics, do not see many patients with high blood pressure.  So what we were doing was targeting by age since we know that hypertension is commonly a disease with older patients.

Pharma Companies Identify Best Age Groups To Target

Although we do see the odd cases of high blood pressure in children, this condition among pediatrics is rare.  Since hypertension is much more common among seniors, it is much more worthwhile in a pharmaceutical job to concentrate on doctors who see many senior patients.  This is effective targeting.

Each age group can be targeted for certain products and drugs.  The cartoon above really sums up this notion really well in a humourous way.  Toddlers get infections often which is why the antibiotics are common with that age group.

Kids have their ADD issues and somewhere in the other end of the age spectrum are middle agers with their erectile dysfunction requiring Viagra.  These are all targeting by pharma companies.

Pharmaceutical Job Interviews

It is a good topic to talk about during pharmaceutical job interviews.  When speaking with managers from pharma companies, targeting by age is a topic they like to discuss and it will help demonstrate that you know something about the industry.

For much more background info for positions with pharma companies, see our free pharmaceutical job webinar.

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Can Tell Which Pharmaceutical Sales Rep Works Harder

Pharmaceutical Sales Rep

I’m about midway through my pharmaceutical sales management consulting contract this week for a major pharmaceutical company as mentioned in my last post.  I was taking a peak at a few drug sample lockers of reps who were let go and I could sort of tell one of the reasons why they were let go compared to those drug reps who were spared of a layoff.

The ones who were let go seem to have a lot of drug sample stock left in their lockers whether they are expired samples or those that are still in active dates.  As a former pharmaceutical sales force manager, I do not like to see a ton of drug samples left in stock.  It just means to me that the drug rep in question was not working hard enough out in the territory.

Samples Should Not Remain In Pharmaceutical Sales Rep Lockers

Sample left in pharmaceutical sales rep lockers are doing nothing to create business.  They should be in the hands of physicians and the doctors should be actively encouraged to use them for patients.  Drug samples, especially ones for contraceptives, anti-inflammatories and anti-hypertensives are great precription generators.

If they are not in the doctor clinics, the samples are not there to do the job of generating new prescriptions for the company.  Pharmaceutical sales reps who work hard tend to go through a lot of drug samples and it’s part of their job to make sure that samples are being used out there.

To get a better idea of what pharmaceutical sales reps do in the field, check out my free webinar on pharmaceutical sales jobs.

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Ethical References For Pharmaceutical Sales Jobs

pharmaceutical sales jobs references

Pharmaceutical Sales Jobs

Some of my readers of my book, ‘How To Get A Dream Job In Pharmaceutical Sales – Direct Inside Advice and Guidance From A Sales Manager’, come back to me and ask if I could be one of their references to add in their resumes for pharmaceutical sales jobs.  Although I’m always flattered to be asked, my answer is unfortunately no.

The reason for me declining on such reference requests is that in order for references to be ethical, they should always be from individuals who have worked with you in a professional job setting.  These can be former superiors, colleagues who were on the same level as you or even clients or customers you had previously worked with.

Pharmaceutical Sales Jobs Best With Ethical References

When applying to pharmaceutical sales jobs, it is best with ethical references only.  Any other people outside of the circle I mentioned would not be considered influencial because they have not seen you in action on the job.  This includes myself as well.

If I agreed to be one of your references and you have not worked with me in a past job position, then this in my mind would be unethical.  Not only have I never met you face to face, but I really have no idea what you are like on the job.  So I would not be an accurate reference for you.

The best references will come from your own past job history.  Go back and think about the best people who could give you the best references.  Use those people especially if they can cite your skills related to pharmaceutical sales jobs.

Pharmaceutical Sales Jobs Webinar

If you are just in the interest phase of pursuing pharmaceutical sales jobs and want to know more about the field and what would be required to get such a position, check out my free webinar on careers in it.

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On Pharmaceutical Sales Management Consulting Contract

Pharmaceutical Sales Management

I will be on a pharmaceutical sales management consulting contract all this week for a major pharma client.  Of course I can’t reveal the details of what we are doing but if there are any interesting things or observations I can share with your all, I will certainly post them here on this pharmaceutical sales jobs blog.

One thing for sure is that the pharmaceutical sales field is changing the way how some aspects of physician detailing and drug sampling are done.  I’ll get to see how one major company is adapting.

Of course, this does change the job of the pharmaceutical sales rep somehow in making the requirements of job entry even more challenging.  But to me, the things I’ve been pushing in my book, How To Get A Dream Job In Pharmaceutical Sales – Direct Inside Advice and Guidance From A Sales Manager, remains the same.

It’s far less the technical skills but the overall people and soft skills combined with an ability to sell which matter the most.  So just because you have a pharmacy or science degree, it doesn’t necessarily make you a good potential pharmaceutical sales rep.

Pharmaceutical Sales Jobs Webinar

The best way to start your research on this field and to see if it’s one for you is to take my free pharmaceutical sales jobs webinar.  Get a pen and paper ready as there is a lot of information presented.

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Former Pharmaceutical Sales Executive Launches Rent To Own Canada Program

Rent To Own Canada

As a former pharmaceutical sales executive, it might be odd that I would expand again in territory that might seem unrelated to pharma. But in many ways, there can be some overlap.  The latest area I’ve expanded into is a rent to own Canada program.

What this program basically does is to help those with poor credit or even no credit, become homeowners.  Many new pharmaceutical sales representatives may fit into this category.  They haven’t established good enough credit to qualify for conventional mortgage financing yet.

Some are so early in their pharmaceutical sales careers, they might not have saved up enough for a down payment required by the banks.  So this is where rent to own programs will come in.

Rent To Own Programs Help People Become Homeowners

A brand new website on rent to own programs has just been launched (but not fully completed yet).  This new site will introduce everyone to the concept of rent to own.  There is a huge information section already up on this site and the only other additional element that needs to be added is a video.

But the new website so far has enough information already to give people a good idea of the rent to own Canada program that is now available to help renters become homeowners.  The program, as the name suggests, is only available for Canadian residents at this time.

The combination of a career like pharmaceutical sales and becoming a homeowner to build equity through time will certainly help secure a good financial future.  This is exactly what I did over the years.

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